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So this CV and interview thing is not new but will conti-new as long as organizations, job roles, people and the concept of employment exist.

Walk with me through all of the below interview tips and contact me via email (see contact section) if you are interested in the trial interview pack.

You going for an interview? Do this;

  1. Research – most people will advise researching the organization, shrugs, that’s good but not GREAT. Here’s the ring to it; Research the organization, the role in/for the organization – specifically (tailor-made method; explained in trial interview pack), projects ongoing that relates directly with the opening if any (if it’s a bank and the role is for marketers, what is their overall target? how much more customers/profit do they want to make by the end of the year in question? And what are the points/achievement agenda they have enlisted in order to achieve the target?). Other ignorable and especially important aspects to research before going for that interview and how to maximize them to your advantage is only available for trial interview package.

  2. When contacted for an interview via email, phone call etc…do not be scared to request for smart clarifications when you have an actual grey area that you cannot throw light on personally…ask, ask, ask!

  3. DO preparation, DO NOT memorize…pressure and tension will fling the memories out the nearest window! Unlock further notes on preparation vs memorizing in trial interview pack.

Finally! It’s the interview day! What to do?

Oral interview

  1. Dress appropriately…note APPROPRIATELY…details on dress code in trial interview pack.

  2. Be prompt

  3. Greet and be very warm to everyone in your way…like everyone! You never know. Also, you want to make an impression (good one) on every employee irrespective of job grade. Truth is the interviewer’s colleagues will make snide or complementary comments to the interviewer about a candidate they encountered. It always happens, maybe it’s an involuntary thing but it always happens. So, you want to make a good impression to EVERYONE and be complemented by them to the powers that be!

  4. The effect of making eye contact, smiling fittingly and giving a firm handshake can never be over emphasized.

  5. Be coherent…not just about your experience and suitability for the role but about yourself…questions – how well do you know you? How well can you sell you? Check trial interview pack for coherent convos.

  6. While speaking, use body language and gestures to convey confidence and passion…details in trial interview pack.

  7. Do not close with ‘’I don’t have any question’’ when you get to the ‘’do you have any questions for us’’ section. Asking the right questions proves research, preparedness and interest in the organization.

  8. Send a thank you note after the interview…role specific samples in the trial interview pack.

Is it a phone interview?;

  1. All of the above apply…to an extent.

  2. Have your CV handy and in clear view.

  3. Breath and manage your tension before the call…tremors reflect in the voice; you don’t want to sound skittish but confident.

  4. LISTEN to the interviewer, they tend to drop hints. Make notes and respond accordingly.

  5. Turn off call waiting.

  6. Be without distractions/interference; kids, spouse, pets, TV, sound from neighbours etc.

  7. Finish pending/distracting tasks at least 3 hours to phone appointment or preferably reschedule those till after the interview. This will give you time to zoom in on interview mode.

  8. Call interviewer by title unless they insist on first name. If you are not sure, ask e.g ‘’May I call you Miss Ana?’’.

  9. Very important, if you have an emergency that will affect the scheduled time or need to correct/replace items like your CV and credentials, DO NOT assume, reach out to the interviewer as promptly and succinctly as possible.

Further phone interview tips in trial interview pack.

I would like to feel your pulse, leave comments please 🙂


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