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Tales of an ambitious asankpete


….so i felt like drawing a loooooooooong cold bath, the kind that practically relaxes and revives your bones at the same time. It was carefully planned out, the bath i mean…i.e the Jacuzzi, the soapy foam, the champagne, the soft jazzy music and a sumptuous meal afterwards…

**fast forward to the bath 🙂**

…a waiting maid comes in to refill my glass and inform me that my very sumptuous meal was ready for download;

“made just like i ordered?” I slurred.

“yes ma’am” said the maid. I dismissed her with a wave of my heavily manicured fingers.

Just before she gets to the door; “do ensure the clothes and jewelries are here too, call the delivery guy” i added. “on it ma’am”, she said.

I smiled and slumped deeper into the bath…what a day and what a dream come true, I’m nev-“

**my stupid phone cuts in with a shrill nokia 3310 ring-tone and I almost fall off my seat/drop my bag!**

“Jeez, who be dis na?!” i shouted at the bag with a huge frown on my face while trying to retrieve the phone from my handbag. The sun was freaking hot! “ah ah, person no go fit think better life finish before this otondo go call”. i quickly retrieved the phone and took the call **the conversation from my end of the call went thus**:

“how far na?…..en-en, i dey bus stop, motor no dey…when taxi come i go enter begin come….juss tell dem say i go soon reach….okay, no wahala….i dey come…alrait”

hmmmmm….yeah, you got it right, that was me sitting under a very hot Nigerian sun (after i don stand tire), waiting and day-dreaming of a cool-long-bath in a jacuzzi


part II in a bit


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