Ignorable lessons from amazing experiences!

Most of us have had the opportunity (well, off and on) to watch toddlers closely. There is a hoard of professional lessons to be learnt from toddlers! First off, at that age, they are a world of possibilities and are totally like a sponge, seeking and soaking in EVERY and any thing.

…on toddlers and Cartoons;

Once it is cartoon time, all their attention is focused on the TV, they will force you to give up your favorite show and watch their show with them so that you end up learning all the songs and attitude that go with the songs. In that cartoon moment, you can get them to eat anything, by that I mean quantity and quality. Want to bargain with a toddler? set your stakes on their most favorite cartoon and you’ll win the bargain before it starts.

Toddlers do not like being bored. If everything is just a bit normal, quiet and melancholy, they turn it all the way around and disrupt convention. This very act can grate on the nerve of the most adult-adult!

They like funny things; funny faces, funny appearances…what most adults will call stupid actually. They like unrealistic things too, their imagination is extremely active, so cartoons create the perfect haven for them.

Some more reasons why they are so captivated by cartoons? It is a world in which anything, I mean ANYTHING is possible. For instance, Jerry (a mouse) can put Tom (a Cat) in distress! Think about that for moment…things should be the other way round. The cat alone should be the dangerous one who sets unease on the mouse no? Ha! Not so in the world of cartoons!

Of note also is the fact that cartoons offer toddlers most or all of the features listed above. Most cartoon developers have to get off their adult life, think and be like toddlers to be able to create something that fits the target audience otherwise, they end up creating yet another “serious” movie for grownups.

Professional Points from Toddlers and Cartoons;

  1. Whatever has your focus has your energy, personality and creativity. How focused are you? Do you have goals and aspirations for the organization and your career? for the things you are passionate about, your business, etc? Like toddlers, you need to learn to focus on and get addicted to your favourite “cartoon”!

  2. Do you have the power of presence to compel people to give up their “favorite show” for yours? How well can you sell your job, career, dream, passion or the organization’s product, vision, mission, business and dream to the point where people get addicted to, look forward to and get in the swag of things with you/your dreams/your business/the organization/etc…note; you are a marketer, sales person and a business development executive every moment of your life! This is because, you are always (consciously and unconsciously) proposing/marketing/selling SOMETHING to people.

  3. Are you one with limited perspective? Such that you make decisions at the spur of the moment without considering the broad picture or reviewing surrounding facts. Or someone waves a juicy portion of the contract and makes sure that is all you see and base your business decisions on! Riiiiiiight, you are just like that toddler who cannot see beyond his/her nose once a cartoon is on!

  4. Monopoly never helped in business and career neither does maintaining status quo. Just like toddlers, in the professional world, you should know processes and procedures, understand job designation, the system and the business drive of the organization or your plan, then create something unique for the organization or your personal career/life that keeps you going. Aka, let people be able to tell the remarkable difference between when you joined the team and when you left. the impact you created, the change and innovations you introduced/effected. truth is lack of creativity is the easiest way to get bored or frustrated on the job; when you keep doing the same thing day-in-day-out. Also, when you feel caged or cornered, you can very well get dissatisfied and bored. The way out is to deliberately create your own fun from your work/life in spite of the situation of things. Disrupt convention and make things happen!

Note that the hyperactivity of a toddler could really make an adult upset and tired. However, adults accommodate toddlers anyway. No matter how upset they get at the hyperactivity of the toddler, they understand that hyperactivity is part of the toddler’s growth process. In other words, no matter how unwelcoming change is, it is still very much needed in the system! Subsequently, do not be scared to live like there is no box…get “hyper” on the job/on your dreams and implement necessary change(s)!

  1. Like cartoons, train yourself to live in a world where anything is possible for the organization and yourself. This gives you a life without limits and borders. FYI; this is the secret for living life to the fullest!

  2. Never let anyone or anything intimidate you. Maximize your personality, individuality and choose to flourish wherever you are, in whatever you do.

  3. Learn to laugh at the most minuscule opportunity. Funny is funny, laugh already!

  4. Just like cartoon developers have to become toddlers to create something toddlers will enjoy, you have to understand your target market. Fix yourself right in their shoes and develop your product based on their taste and specification. This is the way to make profit.

  5. Finally, get off your “I know it all” and “one-size-fits-all” attitude. Stoop when you need to and climb when you need to. The name of the game is ‘flexibility’.

Have you experienced toddlers? Have you learnt anything from them? Share-share-share in comments section!