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It’s Time To Buy!!!

This whole thing was inspired by a conversation I had with a fellow small business owner who is into products & services, pretty much stuff you’d keep going back for.

So I asked for some kind of detail/information and also asked if the guy would be willing to produce items I needed…uhhhhh….the guy said that there are no raw materials as no one is selling, so they’d not be able to meet up. Upon hearing this, everything inside me that screams out against the concept of impossibilities literally screamed, yelled and rebelled at the statement. So I went on a search for proof!

…ahem…fast forward to results & findings made few days later;

Considering #covid19, people tend to be more prone to hoarding cash and saving monies, I however approached investors in my sphere and asked them how willing & able they were to invest in SMEs these days, they said 100%! I wasn’t surprised because anybody who has common sense can see that these are very good days to put money in!

After that, I reached out to shops that sell different kinds of the same or differing (raw/finished) products, all final results were exactly same.

I even pushed it by filing complaints (I really did have cause to complain though), they offered to send replacements for the items I complained about and told me not to bother returning the problematic ones 😳 All these responses were very long, detailed and ultra personalized!

They took time and pains to write, then send these emails to me, matter of fact, it pretty much felt like they sat by the computer waiting for my response to their mail then replied ASAP!

You’re probably thinking “that’s expected in these times, people are trying to reel in every penny and keep business afloat, so niceness and promptness and everything else you just describe/etc is expected”, yep, I agree. But, I did this exercise for SMEs who think all hope is lost as per ordering raw/core products they require to run their business or who need investors as their liquidity is already low/almost non-existent at this point.

Investors also know about the inevitable price hike that will happen right after the pandemic, so they’ll put money in! – Lohi

My findings below:

1. It’s a great season to buy, if you have cash, invest it in buying your core products NOW! Don’t sit back & tell yourself the people who have your core products/raw materials aren’t selling, they are & (because of the season), they’ll find a way to get those items to you the minute you dare place your order….Place it!

2. You’d be shhhhhocked at how many investors are willing to put money into businesses/products/services that are currently building their backbone in view of #postcovid. Market is so going to boom right after as people are either already very low or out of stock and will jump on finished products like vultures do carcasses. So if you are low on cash and already have suppliers for your core products, investors will gladly put in cash in view of the spike after covid. You see, stats show that orders placed now or immediately after covid will by estimate take just around 6 months to get delivered (plus production, etc). You’d be the MVP in the field if you have already made stock that can be tweaked to spec upon orders as you’d be shipping asap! And beibi-beibi-beibi, investors know this too.

Go all out…it’s the exact time to do just that!

Have additional findings you’ve made these days or further recommendations for an SME owner? Drop it/them in the comment below 🙂

Cover pics by v2osk on Unsplash

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