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Hah! That Ol’ News & Comportment Gist

I was making breakfast on Saturday morning and couldn’t help but wonder just how very true it is when we say people become most oft than not what they read…well, dare I say 99.99999% of the time? lol, meh, something like that.

I’ve run out of count on coffee and hangout invitations that I & the people around me have received in the past few days. This is interesting because just a week or two ago, these same exact people were so reluctant to be in the same space as myself – why? News on corona was still pretty much hot and social distancing was a whole big deal, at that point in time, people didn’t want to know if you’ve been indoors – self isolating/taking all necessary precautions or not, they followed stringent rules based on what the news said…

Fast-forward to two weeks later…aka, few days ago! (I think a few hang-promptings even came earlier than that when the numbers of reported cases first dropped drastically and spots with outside spaces were beginning to open up);

The government of Slovenia declares in the news that the country is corona free and people (literally) throw caution out the window and schedule all sorts of hangouts. In a flash, they kinda couldn’t care less about all the maybes and precautions that were so very important few days ago. This is not to say that we still don’t move to the other side of the street when we see a total stranger coming from our side of the street (insert teary laughter), it’s just to say; lock-down was eased via the news, the feeling of extreme cautiousness was also eased by nearly 100% bro!

This a lot emphasizes that our psychology, how we think and act is greatly affected by what we hear, listen to, read and believe! If we take out time to reflect on our disposition to some subjects or persons, it’s mostly based on something we read or heard…or learnt about that thing or person…We react in fear when we see a lion because we’ve read/watched on tv/heard it’s a wild animal & our minds have a picture of the gory stuff wild animals in that category can do to people. We get all nice, smiley, coo-ey & goo-ey when we see a baby…etc. It’s also why most times we check out reviews before purchasing a product or item – we want to know what people say about the item/product/service to inform our decision on if that’s the best fit for us or if the buy is really worth the hype.

Our psychology is influenced by what we hear or read.

So, most of the things you’re doing today…who you are….how you act…has been a lot shaped by what you read, heard, or believe(d)…like a regular person at age 17, attends medical school, comes out with a piece of paper that declares he can look at a bunch of things troubling you that you also looked at but couldn’t figure out and tells you what’s wrong with you & what can fix it…you don’t even argue or question it…you just go right into the pharmacy, pick up the meds, take them and start getting better…if we ask what really happened between you & the doc? You’d pretty much say; Talking-Checking-MoreTalking…that’s it! You leave there with a new perspective that’s totally different than how you were before you walked into the doc’s office, you whole disposition changes…just like that! Bro, that’s powerful…

…consider carefully what you hear... Mk.4:24

Thus, this is me joining my voice with messages out there already ringing this tune; Per life in general/post pandemic – let us be cautious with whatever (whoever) source we choose to name as authority (mmmm-hm, that matters and is gist for another day), with the content we read, hear & believe because most oft than not it greatly shapes what we do, who we become and how we are, how we live. At times, the effect is immediate, at other times it just jumps out of nowhere when we’re in a situation requiring a reaction in line with how we believe we should react based on something we read or heard a while ago….

Got thoughts to add? Let it go deeeeeewwwnnnnn in the comments box 🙂

Cover Photo by Jorge Gardner on Unsplash

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